Sky Blue Credit Repair Review

Sky Blue Credit Repair
Sky Blue Credit Repair

BBB Rating
Not accredited

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Sky Blue Credit Overview

Sky Blue Credit offers a one-size-fits-all credit repair plan. Their goal is to simplify the credit repair process to create a positive customer experience. They provide a methodical approach to credit repair that is designed to help their customers establish better habits to help them maintain a positive credit profile for the long term.

Sky Blue offers a Pro Analysis to help identify even the most subtle dispute opportunities to leverage every opportunity for the clients to improve their credit reports and scores. They follow a rapid 35-day dispute cycle using customized dispute and re-dispute letters, designed to make the process as effective as possible.

Their services include credit coaching that helps clients pinpoint specific actions they can take to optimize their scores. They also help advise on credit rebuilding strategies, including whether or not it might be beneficial to open new credit cards or lines of credit to help improve their client’s credit utilization ratios to help quickly optimize the credit improvement process.

Lastly, Sky Blue offers a handful of extra services in the event a client needs to be more aggressive with their credit repair process including debt validation, goodwill letters, cease and desist letters at no extra cost.

Sky Blue Credit’s Service Levels & Pricing

Sky Blue Credit offers one simple plan for individuals or couples

Individual Plan: $79.00 set up fee then $79.00 per month

Couples Plan: $119.00 Set up fee then $119.00 per month

Cancellation Policy

Sky Blue Credit offers a month-to-month service plan that customers can cancel at any time.

Pros Cons
$40 discount for couples Limited service offering relative to other companies
Ability to pause services High upfront setup fee
Access to credit coaching Disputes limited to 5 per credit bureau every 35 days
Mortgage application preparation. Not BBB accredited
90-day money-back guarantee

What They’re Customers Are Saying

Sky Blue Credit improved my credit score in 2 months by 40 points on average between the 3 Credit bureau reporting agencies. They got a collections and late payment removed that was not accurate. And then they called me to recommend me a cancellation of their service saving me money and time by telling me they did everything they could do and did the right thing by notifying me the service was no longer needed… WOW! Use this company they are great! – Jeremiah C 2/14/2022

I did a lot of research, and chose this company. They are fast, professional, and they communicate frequently – Highly recommend! – Milton R 09/17/2022

Skyblue credit repair was Awesome. This is my second time using them,and I have no complaints. They did all the work. I went from a fair credit rating to excellent in just 3 months. The first time I used them,I was able to purchase my home within 1 yr. I would most definitely recommend them. Thanks Skyblue for getting me back to credit worthiness. – Dana L 07/02/2021

How to Sign Up with Sky Blue Credit

Sky Blue Credit’s offers a very simple online sign up process that takes just a few minutes to complete. Visit Sky Blue Credit to get started today.