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Ovation Credit Repair Review
Ovation Credit

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Ovation Credit Overview

Ovation Credit was acquired by LendingTree® in 2018, which gave the company a lot of credibility as one of the industry’s top credit repair companies. Ovation’s programs are designed to simplify the credit repair process by helping consumers identify and correct errors on credit reports that may be negatively affecting their credit scores.

Ovation provides a free credit repair consultation to help prospective customers get to know Ovation and how their credit repair services work so people can determine if Ovation is the right choice for their specific situation.

Some of the benefits Ovation customers receive is one-on-one customer service through a dedicated team of credit repair experts, a personalized client dashboard that includes access to helpful financial tools and resources, and affordable pricing.

Ovation Credit’s Service Levels & Pricing

Ovation offers two simple credit repair plans:

The Essentials Plan: $89.00 initial fee then $79.00 per month

  • Personalized dispute options
  • Access to an expert team of case advisors
  • Financial management tools

The Essentials Plus Plan: $89.00 initial fee then $109.00 per month

Unlimited challenge validation letters

  • Unlimited creditor goodwill letters
  • Official Ovation recommendation letter
  • TransUnion credit monitoring

Ovation also allows their customers the ability to choose one of the above plans and then add other custom options to create a package of services that meet your particular needs. This benefit allows Ovation customers the ability to only pay for the services they truly need.

*Ovation’s services and pricing will differ for customers in Mississippi and Oregon.

Ovation’s Cancellation Policy

Ovation does not require a contract so customers can cancel anytime. Ovation says they offer a no-risk refund policy but if you read the fine print that’s really not the case. Instead, during any month, if Ovation fails to provide the agreed upon services, they will not charge your monthly fee for that month. That is still a benefit but not a true refund policy.

A+ BBB rating is best in class Higher starting fee
Services also provided in Spanish Simplified service packages may require add ons
Affordable monthly pricing Credit monitoring only available with Essential Plus plan
A la carte options available

What Their Customers Are Saying

“I am very impressed with the level of service I receive. I sent an email with concern about my credit I immediately received a call even though they could not get me at the first call they called me again. When I spoke with the agent, he was knowledge enough to explain the process that I was having concern with I am relief.” – Samuel F. 04/26/2022

“I was a client for 1 year and 6 months..they really helped my credit profile. I had 10 negative accounts…by the end of my time I was down to only 1 negative account! I would strongly recommend this company for help with any credit issues.” – Kimberly H. 02/14/2022

“I was a client for 2 years and have to say they are a great credit repair service. My credit was in the low- to mid-600s in Equifax and TransUnion and now in the mid to upper 700s. I never had excellent credit before. They deserve a standing ‘Ovation’!” – Sonia D. 02/01/2022

How to Sign Up with Ovation Credit

Signing up with Ovation is easy. Simply click this link to head over to their site where you can call for a free consultation or sign up online.