Lexington Law Firm Review

Lexington Law Review
Lexington Law Firm

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Lexington Law Firm Overview

As their name should imply, Lexington is an actual law firm that focuses on providing clients with low-cost credit repair services. Lexington Law has more experience providing credit repair than just about any other credit repair company in the industry. As a result, they have a proven process that has represented over 10.8 million people with with their credit. Since their founding in 2004, clients have seen over 83 million questionable items removed from their credit reports.

Credit Bureau Relationships

Another compelling reason to select Lexington Law Firm to help repair your credit is because of their unique relationship with multiple credit bureaus.

Lexington Law is one of the only credit repair companies with the ability to correspond electronically with multiple bureaus, allowing them to communicate quickly and effectively on behalf of their clients. Other credit repair companies are solely sending credit challenge notices by mail, which can really slow down the credit repair process.

Lexington Law Firm’s Low-Cost Pricing

There is only one service level needed that meets even the most unique credit situations.

  • Premium Service: $99.95 per month

Cancellation Policy

Lexington’s services are offered on a month-to-month basis, so clients are able to cancel at any time. The cancellation process is relatively easy and can be done online through your client portal or by calling their customer service line 7 days a week.

Lexington Law does not offer a satisfaction guarantee but their results speak for themselves.

Pros Cons
Most Credit Repair Experience More Expensive Services
Licensed Attorneys & Paralegals No Satisfaction Guarantee
Electronic Correspondence with all 3 Credit Bureaus C Rating with the BBB
Dedicated Credit Repair Focus Tracks
No Long-Term Contracts, Cancel Anytime

What Their Customers Are Saying

“Lexington Law are the most professional and dedicated team I’ve ever met. After three months, I started to see a few changes and I can’t wait for my credit to continue changing. Great job and I could not be happier with the online services and web as well.” – Fabricio P., Miami Beach, FL

“Great service, they stay in contact and give great advice. They work very fast. I’ve seen my score come from nothing and it is still growing. I recommend their service to anyone who is serious about their credit.” – Shatia M., Bronx, NY

“Lexington Law helped me get my credit in order, so I could buy a new home. Without their help, I don’t know where my credit would be. They are a true blessing. I will recommend them to anyone who needs help on repairing their credit.” – Kellie H., Athens, AL

How to Sign Up with Lexington Law Firm

Lexington Law is offering a FREE online credit assessment that includes a

  • Free FICO® credit score
  • Free credit report summary
  • Free steps for credit resolution

Click here to visit their website and to get your FREE credit assessment or sign up online.